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About Me

My story

Maybe my life is too short to describe to some of you reading this now, but I tried to make a new moment, a new story everyday. From the very fast school life to my current situation, all the stories of my life events has been uploaded to Life and Events category. I have worked with almost twelve different organizations and traveled a lot in this country, hope so it will be turned into abroad tour in the next year.

My Goals

One can not success in life without a moto of his life. My life has some motives also. As I am a student of EEE, my next goal should be to get a good job and get settled after my graduation. Besides this, I am planning to open an agency on freelancing in the next months. Hope so it will be a new turn. Also, I’m creating content on YouTube also. But all of this things can not be goals or motives. Because these are just ways of earnings in life. My goal is almost similar to most of the people of now, earn as much as you need and travel the world. Let’s hope for the best and see how much we can reach to our goals.

My Family

My family consists of four members. We are two brothers. I am the younger one. Do keep us in your prayers and hope so your family stays in happiness too.